Friday, September 4, 2015

DJ Mo naaksidente sa motor, braso at binti duguan

Naaksidente si Mo Twister habang sakay ng kanyang motorcycle recently.

Sunud-sunod ang tweet niya about his accident.
“So I just crashed on my motorcycle & took heavy damage to arms and legs. Want to say thank u to the @FedEx (not involved) for helping me.”

“@FedEx driver stopped his massive truck to pick up my Vespa & check my injuries. I appreciate. I likely won’t be on my radio show today. Fortunately I didn’t hit my head or get run over by a car though I’m hurt pretty bad on both arms & legs are a bit mangled at the moment.”

“The real tragedy here is that I can’t play the new ‘Metal Gear’ today. Was so excited to bring it home then I crashed. You sucks life.”

He also posted a of his bruised arm with this caption, “I’m selling tocino cheap! Come and get it. There’s a lot more on my legs for those interested. @iamsamoh @stationguy899.”

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