Monday, September 7, 2015

Coleen sa naging relasyon kay Gab Valenciano: Napakabigat!

Nagsalita na rin sa wakas si Coleen Garcia tungkol sa naging relasyon nila noon ng anak ni Gary V na si Gab Valenciano at kung bakit sila nag-break.

“Before the relationship I’m in now, there was only one really serious relationship that I’ve been in. It was with Gab and I feel like it left the biggest impact because it was such an intense relationship.

By that, I mean the highs were very high and the lows were low,” chika ni Coleen nang mag-guest siya sa The Bottomline ni Boy Abunda last weekend.

Isang taong tumagal ang relasyon nila at naghiwalay nga noong 2013. Kinailangang pumunta ni Gab sa US para mag-aral, “I felt like it was so heavy and at the same time, on the positive note, I learned so much.

It really shaped me to be the person I am now. It taught me to be strong and to put myself first sometimes.” Nang tanungin kung mahalaga ba sa isang nagtapos na relasyon na may formal closure, sey ni Coleen, “My ex just got up and left the country.

I think it’s not important. I think that at that moment, it could be (important) depending on the situation. But if you’re over it, you’re over it.

“Just respect for the other person, it would be nice if you actually get that closure. You show that person that you still respect whatever you’ve been through together just by talking about it and having that closure,” aniya pa.

Hirit pa ng dyowa ni Billy Crawford, “I was done with the relationship. I just wanted that closure. I wanted to talk and leave things at a good note.

I’m not the kind of person who holds any grudges, who actually entertains any negative thoughts about other people.”

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