Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kalat na: Sukat ng birdie ni Aljur ibinuking ng Kapuso star

A few days ago, Mo Twister tweeted, “So our guest tonight on @GTWMPodcast just admitted that Aljur Abrenica has a big penis. Damn it!!”

We were clueless as to who revealed that Aljur has a big dong until the podcast interview was uploaded by a website. “I’m a big girl. I need a big one,” said starlet Rich Asuncion.

So, this Rich is trying to tell us something – that she and Aljur had a past, the reason why she has the guts to tell the whole world about Aljur’s bigness.

By her revelation, Rich had made a mockery of herself. Hindi lang niya binigyan ng kahihiyan ang sarili niya kung hindi pati na rin ang nananahimik na si Aljur.

Never thought girls can also be a kiss and tell type. Akala namin exclusive lang ang pag-kiss and tell sa mga boys, hindi pala.

Not surprisingly, Rich received a lot of bashing based on the reactions about her revelations. “Sus. Di mo parin ikasisikat yan. LOL.”

“She can’t even be called a starlet. Masakit but true she is a non-entity in the industry.” As to Aljur, here’s one who summed it all up, “Well at least that’s all he’s got! Hahaha.”

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