Sunday, August 2, 2015

Baby nina Marian at Dingdong kinawawa ng fans ni Heart

A-HURT nang todo ang mga fans ni Marian Something sa comment ni Heart Evangelista na “very bad people” ang mga ito.
“We are supporters of Dingdong and Marian (who has been indirectly included by….in her posts). We would like to logically present our point in response to Heart’s ‘very bad’ comment.

“No to nega? Isn’t declaring and generalizing the fans of Marian as ‘very bad’ causing unnecessary negativity? It is easy to resort to labelling a person when you do not have the intellect to explain yourself properly.
The burden of proof lies with who declares (labels,generalizes), not who denies.  “FYI, both sides have their share of bashers and insults.

The fans of Marian are very bad? Some fans even go to Marian’s IG just to bash her. There is nothing worse than some fans, wishing something bad would happen to Marian’s innocent unborn baby.
Even follows the bashers of Marian. And we have evidence to back it up. In contrast to, Marian has been very quiet, understandably because she has no time for anything or anyone that is pointless and meaningless.

“Marian is living a happy and contented life. She is very po- sitive and knows her priorities are her husband and baby. We can’t help but think that Marian is again being used to make noise for a new show which has so far failed to catch the interest of the public.”
That was DongYanatics aria on social media. Well, talaga namang bad ang Marian fans. Nakakatawa na ngayon ay nasasaktan sila kapag sinabihan silang bad, talagang todo depensa sila.

Guilty kasi sila. Kung anu-ano ang ibinabato nila kay Heart tapos ngayon sinabihan silang bad ay magagalit sila. Nakakatawa sila, ‘no!!! Mga war freak naman talaga ang fans ni Marianita, parang mga cri- minal, mga walang pinag-aralan.

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