Monday, November 17, 2014

Tunay na Ina (1939) - Rosario Moreno & Rudy Concepcion

Magdalena (Rosario Moreno) becomes pregnant because she was raped by Antonio (Exequiel Segovia). Before his death, her father (Precioso Palma) gives up the baby for adoption, thinking that no man can ever understand her past. Magdalena is engaged to Roberto (Rudy Concepcion), a decent, well-off young man. Haunted by her conscience, Magdalena writes Roberto a letter, admitting her past. Her aunt, afraid that the wedding may be called off, intercepts the letter and hides it. Assuming that Roberto has accepted her in spite of her past, she marries him.

Magdalena later becomes increasingly aware that Roberto does not know the truth about her. She tries to locate her lost child. Eventually, she sees a child that she thinks is her missing daughter. The child, Tita (Tita Duran), recognizes Aling Andang (Naty Bernardo) as her mother. The story of how Tita came to Andang matches the story of how Magdalena's baby was given away. Magdalena is now sure that Tita is her child.

Meanwhile, Antonio comes back and blackmails Magdalena. When Magdalena later refuses to give him more money, Antonio tells Roberto the truth. Roberto throws Magdalena out of the house. She goes to Andang and Tita to spend time with her daughter, not knowing that Junior, her son by Roberto is gravely ill. Junior dies. Magdalena is only redeemed in Roberto's eyes when the aunt produces Magdalena's letter. After Andang almost comes to death on Christmas Eve, Magdalena decides to adopt both Tita and Aling Andang into their homes.

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