Monday, November 17, 2014

Kris tinalbugan ang koleksiyon ng mga sapatos ni Imelda Marcos

Kris tinalbugan ang koleksiyon ng mga sapatos ni Imelda Marcos
IS there an Imelda Marcos in Kris Aquino? Well, it seems.
Katulad din kasi ni Imelda ay meron ding collection si Kris ng signature shoes. And mind you, milyones ang kanyang collections because she doesn’t seem to patronize local brands, only imported ones.
Kris’ stylist Liz Uy posted a photo of the Queen of Talk’s shoe collection with this caption: “Tiny tiny fraction of @krisaquino214’s collection. #KrisAquino #Valentino #Louboutin.”
Instantly, maraming na-awe upon seeing Kris’s shoe collection. Marami ang nainggit, marami ang naasar dahil hindi nila afford ang mamahaling sapatos ni Kris.
Sadly, she was compared to the former First Lady dahil sa kanyang mamahaling koleksyon. “Ala Imelda Marcos, but Kris buys them with her own earnings which she deserves to own all of them.
Very pretty,” commented one female fan.“And people complained about Imelda and her shoes! Although in fairness ha Kris worked hard for these shoes while Imelda…alam nyo na!” saad naman ng isa pa.
One even offered an unsolicited advice and said, “stop buying na kris. many multi-millionaire actresses in hollywood aren’t this crazy over shoes and bags….make extra effort na lang for your self-improvement, as in character build-up….take a course on good manners and right conduct so you will deserve to be called a “real, good host” on television.”
Na sinagot kaagad ng isa pang fan ng, “Many multi millionaire actresses in hollywood are not showy sa collections nila..pinoy lang naman ang showy masyado..we how pinoy got their showiness..obkors sa mga inidolo. idol ko pa rin Kris in some ways..heheehe..but nothing to show for collections..when done use balikbayan sa pinas.”

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