Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pagkapili sa ‘Heneral Luna’ bilang entry ng Pinas sa Oscars inireklamo

May issue pala sa selection ng “Heneral Luna” as our entry sa forthcoming Oscar Awards. Naglitanya si Lesley Elvira Valenciano Martinez, daughter of Leo Martinez dahil marami raw ang nam-bash sa kanyang father when he announced na ang “Heneral Luna” ang Philippine representative for the foreign language film category of next year’s Oscars.

“For those who are saying that my dad made ‘Heneral Luna’ get into next year’s Oscars cause he & my Kuya are part of the cast and he’s one of the producers of the movie, well, you guys are wrong.

Why don’t you read the article first before saying anything?  “And please read it carefully so you’ll know that he’s not even part of the committee that chose the movie to represent the Philippines.

He announced it, cause he’s the Director-General of the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP).

“So for those hating and sa-ying stupid things about him and the movie, why don’t you guys just be proud Filipinos, head to the cinemas, and see for yourself what a great film #HeneralLuna really is & how it really deserves to be in the Oscars? Cause you obviously haven’t seen it if you’re hating on it that way. K, yun lang. God bless you all.”

‘Yan ang maanghang na say ng anak ni Leo. We’re baffled kung bakit ganoon na lang ang kanyang pagkaimbiyerna sa bashers ng kanyang ama. It appears na affected much siya sa mga pinagsasabi ng mga tao sa social media against her father.

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