Monday, August 17, 2015

Sexy Yata Yan (1966) - Eddie Gutierrez & Divina Valencia


Vera Perez Pictures

Eddie Gutierrez
Diviva Valencia
Ric Rodrigo
German Moreno
Romeo Rivera
Etang Discher
Matimtiman Cruz
Lillian Laing
Lucy Johnson
Carlos Vander Tolosa
Bernadette Laverne (story)
Bombit Levant (story)
Emmanuel h. Borlaza (screenplay)
Pastor de Jesus (music)
Chito b. Tapawan (associate director)


monangcarvajal said...

This is a sexy comedy about two families, who were actually neighbors -- Etang Discher and Lilian Laing who were at odds with each other eversince. Their grandchildren Divina Valencia and Eddie Gutierrez were clueless on the on-going feud of their seniors. Soon, the juniors developed a funny relationship built around a plot of hilarious scenes. When the grandmas cannot put an end to their growing relationship. They betrothed their respective grandchildren to different partners. What happened next is that Divina and Eddie eloped during the exact day of their wedding, leaving their partners and their grandmamas who both fainted in desperation.

Edgar Ebro 09482197306 said...

wow Monang carvajal , ikaw ba ang apo nina ALfonso Carvajal, ang alam ko si Alma Concepcion ay related sa mga carvajal na naging sikat noong bago mag WWII