Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dennis Padilla: Ang magulang, hindi kayang tiisin ang anak

MANILA, Philippines – Dennis Padilla can relate to his role in the film “The Breakup Playlist,” where he portrays the role of Sarah Geronimo's lenient father.
He says his parenting style is the same as with his character in movie, where he treats his children as peers. Yet when things goes overboard, he shows his disciplinarian side.
“May mga bahagi sa buhay na pagiging lenient ng magulang sa anak, kumbaga may cut-off,” he explained in an interview at the red carpet premiere of "The Breakup Playlist" on Tuesday. “'Pag lumagpas 'yan sa limit or boundary na nadi-disrespect mo na ang parents mo, it's about time to remind them na, 'Anak, hindi mo ako kabarkada, tatay mo ako.'”
Dennis has five children with estranged wife Marjorie Barretto, and one of them is young actress Julia Barretto.

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