Tuesday, November 18, 2014

6 places in Asia that you must visit

There are many extremely beautiful islands in Asia and probably all the accolades it capable of places that you must visit, but for many the top of the list is just Phi Phi. Of white sand beaches, crystal clear transparent waters, dramatic rocks in the background. A paradise for those who love the sun, but also those who love to dive. Although popularized film The Beach, is still intact and completely unbelievable. - See more at: http://destinationspoint.net/asia/6-places-in-asia-that-you-must-visit/1/#sthash.j50kgDkI.dpuf

Singapore is an Asian delicacy rights. No crowds, public transport goes on time, and the streets are cleared of all sorts of nonsense and sellers. But the “sterility” does not mean that there is no excitement in Singapore. First place on the list in Asia for gourmets and shopper. At the end of the day after the feast and shopping, go to Raffles hotel terrace and enjoy a cup (or two) pink gin. - See more at: http://destinationspoint.net/asia/6-places-in-asia-that-you-must-visit/2/#sthash.9Z0EDQpK.dpuf

One of the biggest attractions of Asia. Altai Tavan bodge is unreal beautiful national park. It is located in western Mongolia and its impressive, snow covered, the tips of the borders with China and Russia. It’s hard to find superlatives to describe the beauty of this park. Mountains, glaciers, valleys, three lakes and rivers are painted the most beautiful brush Mother Nature. There are hotels, but the park is an adventure par excellence for hikers, horse riders, riders and hikers.

A large number of top attractions in Asia are ancient temples. Some of them are quite inaccessible hidden in the jungles or mountains, but others are due to tourism have become so much available. Angkor Wat is the largest complex of Buddhist temples in the world. It is hard to describe by words, because flows completely in awe because of its unique tower, carved walls and galleries. - See more at: http://destinationspoint.net/asia/6-places-in-asia-that-you-must-visit/4/#sthash.f3CutyHI.dpuf

World Heritage Sites in Assam state, on the east of India. Here you can see the incredible landscapes as well as wildlife. Docked next to the river Bhrahmaputre, surrounded by lush tea plantations. These parks are home to one rhino horn, actually two-thirds of the total population of these magnificent beasts live here. If you’ve always wanted to see up close wildlife this is the place for you, you can go on safari by jeep or on the back of an elephant. - See more at: http://destinationspoint.net/asia/6-places-in-asia-that-you-must-visit/5/#sthash.UrTXjqXk.dpuf

Hoi An is a true natural beauty of Vietnam, which is under protection of UNESCO. The city on the river near great beaches, fascinating, charming and historically that is still not fully explored. City tailor, so if you are looking for a glossy hand-made full of clothing are at the right place. Here there are no cars, engines are allowed but one full day of each month, when all the training for the celebration and when the air was filled with dancing, playing and intoxicating scents of delicious food. - See more at: http://destinationspoint.net/asia/6-places-in-asia-that-you-must-visit/6/#sthash.pUBY8QXZ.dpuf

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