Monday, January 18, 2016

Operetang Sampay-Bakod (1958) - Dolphy, Amalia Fuentes & Jose Mari

Another movie where the Dolphy and Panchito tandem led the cast. 

The duo played patriarchs of their respective families who stage and perform operetas or musical plays in their hometown. 

They wanted at least two of their respective children to follow their footsteps so they sent them to Manila to study classical music. But this was not meant to be, since this was the era of the start of rock and roll and other related music, a different kind of music was learned. 

This caused a generation gap between the older folks and the young ones, but later both sides came into a compromise when a member of the younger generation was involved in a vehicular accident which made her disabled. This compromise was in the opereta where the two generations switched roles. 

The older ones performed rock and roll and other related music acts while the younger ones did the classical music acts. 

There was a song in the former’s acts where Dolphy’s character as “Kiko” became “Frankie”.

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