Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jose Nepomuceno (1893-1959)

José Nepomuceno (May 15, 1893 – December 1, 1959) was one of the pioneering directors of the cinema of the Philippines. He is also known as the founder of Philippine movies. It was in 1919 when he produced the first Filipino silent film entitled Dalagang Bukid. The film starred Atang de la Rama, a future National Artist of the Philippines.[1] is a Filipina actress. He also directed Un (Un  Capullo Marchito (A Wilted Rosebud) in 1920. It starred Luisa Acuña who then became a famous leading lady in Filipino silent films

Dalagang Bukid ("Country Maiden") (1919)
La Venganza de Don Silvestre (1920)
Un Capullo Marchito (1920)
The Three Humbugs (1926)
Ang Manananggal (1927)
Hot Kisses (1927)
The Filipino Woman (1927)
Ang Lumang Simbahan ("The Old Church") (1928)
The Pearl of the Markets (1929)
Sa Landas ng Pag-ibig ("The Path of Love") (1929)
Child Out of Wedlock (1930)
Noli Me Tángere (1930)
The Young Nun (1931)
The Secret Pagan God (1931)
Moro Pirates (1931)
At Heaven's Gate (1932)
Stray Flowers (1932)
Punyal na Ginto ("Golden Dagger") (1933)

The Three Humbugs (1926)
La mujer Filipina (1927)
Dahil sa Isang Bulaklak (1967)

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